The Pearl

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Heel in golden laminated leather shaped like a sea shell with pearl

Back and ankle bracelet in golden laminated leather

Vamp in cream satin with ornament strips of mirror leather

Leather lining

Heel in cream satin

Platform in golden laminated leather

Heel height 10 cm (including platform)

Platform height 1.2 cm 

Leather sole – golden sole edge


The Pearl

Cream satin and golden leather details allude to the treasures of the Arabian Gulf


Sea shells and pearls are the inspiration for this shoe – a tribute to the historical importance of pearl-diving in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf. In the mid-19th century, pearls become a coveted luxury item, harvested from the ocean to meet demand from as far afield as India, Europe and North America. Each summer, hordes of boats would head out to coastal banks rich with oysters, bringing wealth to the region in the days before oil. The cream satin fabric of the shoe is reminiscent of a pearl’s lustrous sheen.


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