Eyes on You

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Heel in navy blue satin and pieces in red and orange monitor lizard leather and cream color napa with jet black hawk ornament

Navy blue satin vamp

Leather lining

Navy blue satin heel

Platform in red monitor lizard leather

Heel height 10 cm (including platform)

Platform Height 1.2 cm

Leather sole – black sole edge


Eyes On You

Inspired by a formidable bird of prey, this shoe is made for a woman of substance


The ancient sport of falconry is still an important part of Qatari culture, and this magnificent bird of prey sowed the seeds of inspiration for our Eyes on You design. The jet black ornament on cream leather depicts the eye of a falcon, and the bold colour palette represents its power and strength. Originally used by Bedouin tribes, these remarkable birds can hunt down prey from a distance of up to 1km.


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