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Black satin heel with rear zipper

Ankle bracelet in off-white satin decorated with black Swarovski rhinestones shaped like half diamonds

Heel with central opening and black Swarovski stone rounded in 3d

Upper in red Valentino satin

Toe in black satin 

Leather lining

Heel height 10.5 cm

Leather sole - black sole edge



Richly coloured tribal textiles are the inspiration behind our elegant Alsadu sandal


The Alsadu sandal is inspired by vibrantly coloured fabrics, handcrafted by the Bedouin people. This time-honoured craft of sadu weaving expresses the rich cultural heritage of these nomads and the natural beauty of the desert they inhabit. Wool from sheep, goats and camels is shorn by men and prepared for weaving by women – a process that involves drying for several days before it can be put onto the loom. The fabric – rich red squares with intricate geometric patterns – is made into cushions, rugs or even saddlecloths for camels.


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